1 - How long is a sari?

The standard measure is 5.5-6 m long and 1.20 meters wide. They are all new.

2 - Do you ship internationally?

Yes, national and international shipping.

3 - How can I learn to put on a sari?

In our blog you will find videos and pictures of how to put it on, it is very easy, and if you come to Barcelona and I will be happy to show you how to put it on. It takes only a minute. Also, if you search on youtube.com, you will find many videos.


Here an example:

4 - What kind of shoes should I wear with a sari?

You can wear high heels or flat shoes, it is a long dress and all kinds of foot wear will fit just fine.

5 - What accessories should I wear?

You can see in the Accessories section all the bindis, necklaces, bracelets and tikas to wear with the sari. Self-adhesive bindis are used to decorate the forehead. They come often in maroon colour but there are also red and fantasy in various colors. Tikas are hanging decoration in the top of the forehead, and fastened with a hair clip.

6 - Are there sizes for a sari?

There are no sizes because it is a seamless rectangular fabric, measures 6 meter by 1.2m in width, the size is obtained by making more or fewer pleats at the waist. To get the correct length, tuck the sari around your waist on the inside of the pettycoat worn underneath the sari.

The sari comes always open on one of the sides, unless you demand a hem expressly, it will be sent like that. Hems have an extra cost of 3 €.

7 - What are the other accessories for the sari, then?

The sari is worn with a short blouse underneath called choli in Hindi, they are sold in silk, plain cotton, with trimming, or elastic plain cotton. These blouses come in sizes. They can be tailored to match the purchased sari. Under the sari, a slip or petticoat is worn to hold the pleats of the sari in the navel area. Many colors are available in cotton material.

8 - If I do not see what I want, can I ask it to you or send you a picture or a link?

Absolutely, a picture will help us to better understand. About our own stock, it depends on the item, sometimes getting the exact sari can be difficult, it depends if they have it in stock in India, the shipping takes about 15 days.

9 - I am having a wedding soon, I will be the bride.

In the Hindu culture wedding gowns are red, maroon, and fuchsia. You will find plenty of absolutely fantastic models with extraordinary intricate embroidery work and elaborate beading saris. Sherwanis also available for men, contact me.

10 - Does the blouse have to be the same color or tone that the sari?

Not necessarily, it is very typical to add contrast to the blouse and sari, or the tail of the sari (pallu), you can match it with the border of the sari or any other color that you fancy.

11-I do not know much about tones and colors, can you give me some suggestions?

In my opinion and experience, the best selling colors are warm colors: red, maroon, salmon, and purple, fuchsia, they all fit all sorts of hair color, blondes, and brunettes. They are elegant colors, such as garnets, while a very typical color of India. After you can consider your personality, whether it is more daring or discreet, or the occasion. At a party or Indian wedding, you are not meant to be discreet but rather the opposite. :-)

Green looks fantastic on blonde women, blue is another classic favorite, in short, golden or mustard tones are very flattering. Blacks result tremendously elegant. You will surely get it right.

12-We are a group who dance Bollywood / we are going to dress up / have a party ...

Contact me, budgets for groups. Kids sizes also available.

13 - Can I meet you in Barcelona?

Yes, we can arrange a suitable day and time, mornings or evenings. Even though we are mainly an online firm, we can meet if you live or if you visit Barcelona. Area Verdaguer -Sagrada Familia, center of Barcelona. I will gladly show you how to put on a sari. I speak English.

14- I run a store, what wholesale prices have you got?

Please contact me by e-mail or mobile phone, according to the article there is a minimum amount.

15 - Can I buy a single item or is there a minimum purchase?

You can buy just one item, no minimum required, but if several people place an order, you will get cheaper shipping. The first half kg is the most expensive, then it does not increase much.

16 - How long will the shipping take ?

24 hours, if urgent, to about two or three days on average by certified mail / on delivery. Latin America and the USA, about a week. You can also choose the courier service that suits you, usually within 24 hours: MRW,Seur.

17-I want to buy my partner an Indian costume, do you have?

Yes, there are cotton full sleeved kurta pajama, sizes and colors. Also children's sizes.

18 - Seeking a sari to make clothing, curtains, do you have?

That is a very common use of a sari, the price per meter becomes inexpensive, and it can be used to cover sofas, make costumes, either party, Carnival, wedding (white saris), curtains, etc. A personal touch at home or exotic, there are colors to suit all tastes and combinations. They are strong and resistant fabrics for this use, non-transparent or translucent. They let in light, as desired.

19 - What materials are used in a sari?

Silk, silk mix, chiffon, georgette, satin, cotton ...

20 – I am looking for a sari that hangs well, which is not transparent.

Most saris hang well and are not transparent. If you wear the slip underneath, after two rounds of the fabric, it cannot be transparent. There are saris translucent for curtain fabric, contact me.

21 - Is the fabric of the sari blouse included in the sari and its price?

Yes, always. If you wish, I can have it made for you. It takes about a week. If you prefer, we can find a matching ready-made choli or blouse. Sometimes, depending on the model, the fabric is attached to the sari blouse, and must be cut, about 70 cms of fabric. It is not tailored as women in India have it made in their size and according to their taste.

22 - Where do these items come from?

In India, Varanasi among other cities. Varanasi or Benares is a famous holy city in the north of India reputed for its wonderful saris. Nationals visit the city at least once in a lifetime to pray in the Golden Temple and admire the rich fabrics that are produced in this ancient city.

23 - At this moment I cannot afford the sari yet, could I book my order later in a few days / weeks?

Yes, it is possible. You can pay a part and I'll keep it for you.

24 - How heavy is a sari?

A sari weighs from 250 - 300 grams approx. A further work on the fabric and quality makes it heavier, it depends if it has beading, intricate work, embroidery, etc.

25 - Can I dance in a sari?

Definitely, contrary to what may seem, it is a long dress whose folds below the navel allow you to move freely, dancing, walking, etc. It is still the daily garment of women in India.

26 - I have trouble signing up as a user or to finish my online purchase.

It could be due to cookies on your computer, you must accept them in order to complete the order. If you see the problem continues, send me the articles codes and quantities to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can place your order seven days a week, weekends included.

27 – Can I search a sari by color?

Yes, in the search box write the color or key word that you wish. For example "red" or "purple"

28 – Where can I give my size during the shopping process?

You can indicate it in the Additional observations screen, at the end of the purchasing process.

29 - Can you assist me in English? Do you speak English?

Yes, I do. You can send me emails in English, or if you want to personally select and collect your purchase in Barcelona, we can arrange an appointment, you can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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